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Tracking Software

Debit Square - For Pets
Debit Square - For Children
Debit Square - For Cars
Debit Square - For Gardens
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Welcome - here are our current Products

Games -

20 Second Numbers
20 Second Numbers Logo Image
20 Second Numbers - A fun game where you pick the correct type of numbers from the ones being show.
How high of a score can you get in 20 seconds? Pick as many correct numbers being displayed as you can without picking wrong ones in 20 seconds for the best score. . Choose from different games. Pick Even and Pick Odd are available in the trial version. Remove the ads and unlock Prime 2, 3 and 4 Digit games as well as Power of 2, 3, 4 and 5 games. Add even more excitement by playing at a faster speed! Improve your perception of numbers and relationships and have fun at the same time! In addition to unlocking the other games and removing the ads, a purchase allows you to pick a special background for your games. It's a great way to spend 20 Seconds! Over and over again!

20 Second Numbers is now available for Adroid and iOS devices at  Google Play Store , Amazon and  iOS Apple.
Puzzle Drop Logo Image Puzzle Drop® - a fun jigsaw puzzle game where you place puzzle pieces as they fall from the top of the screen. Hours of fun - go back and redo puzzles with different options such as rotation or background type and try to get a new High Score. Our puzzles start out easy and progressively get more difficult. How about you? Think you can complete them? If you love jigsaws - you'll love Puzzle Drop ®  
Puzzle Drop Mountain Set Logo Image Puzzle Drop - Mountain Set This set - Puzzle Drop - Mountain Set - is centered around various mountains around the Northwestern United States area. These include Mt. Rainier in Washington State - an inactive volcano at 14,400 feet elevation; Mt. St Helens also in Washington at 8,365' is another inactive volcano that last erupted in the 1980's; Crater Lake in Oregon at about 8,000'; Mt. Adams in Washington at 12,276' completes the trio of the 3 close mountains in the Cascade Mountain Range. Also, the puzzles include ones of the Cascade Mountain Range at about 10,000' as well as some beautiful mountain valleys.

Puzzle Drop® -
Mountain Set is now available for Adroid and iOS devices at  Google Play Store Amazon iOS Apple and XBox 360.
Puzzle Drop Flower Set Logo Image Puzzle Drop - Flower Set  This set - Puzzle Drop - Flower Set - show various flowers you'll find around the Northwestern United States area. Some are more common to this area than others - but all have striking beauty in their own way. Some you may find in the area you live. One thing for sure - from soft yellows to bright purple and radiant reds - you'll be sure to find your favorite color in one of these flowers.

Puzzle Drop® -
Flower Set is now available for Adroid and iOS devices at  Google Play Store , Amazon and  iOS Apple.
Economics 411 Logo
Economics 411®
  is a unique online strategy game available at and works with almost all internet browsers.
Economics 411 - an interactive strategic game that illustrates the effects on different investments over time under differing economic conditions. 
.It is fast becoming one of the most popular online Finance/Investing games on the internet.

Will you be able to become a billionaire before the game ends? Most games go to 200 years.
Is that enough time for you? Give it a try -

For Musicians

Musician's OC Jam Musician's OC Jam®  is a Microsoft Windows based computer application for keeping information about your jam tracks and is available at

Keep Key, Song structure, Lyrics, Tempo, Beat and much much more.

Super automated!

Record videos of your practice sessions.

It is the program for keeping information about your Jam tracks.

Tracking Software

Customizable Software! You decide the things to track

Here are the products we are currently offering from our Debit Square® information tracking series      

Debit Square - For Pets - A program for tracking information about your pets

Debit Square - For Children - A program for tracking information about your children

Debit Square - For Gardens - A program for tracking plants and gardening

Debit Square - For Cars - A program for tracking your cars and trucks

Debit Square - For Pets
View Flash Demo

Debit Square - For Children

Debit Square - For Gardens

Debit Square - For Cars

Customizable Software! You decide the things to track

For Kennels, Breeders, Rescues - Shelters, Groomers, Herpetologists and Pet owners.

For Daycares, Private Schools, Foster Homes, Coaches and your own children

For all Gardeners from the small to larger operations - Nurseries, Farmers.

For Car Collectors, Fleet Owners, Small Dealers, Truckers, Mechanics and Car owners.

Sophisticated reporting on the items you are tracking
Great Search Capability throughout!

Generate simple invoices - Easily copy pet setups

Generate simple invoices - Easily copy child setups

Generate simple invoices - Easily copy plant setups

Generate simple invoices - Easily copy Cars or Truck setups

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