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July 4, 2020

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Debit Square - For Pets
Debit Square - For Children
Debit Square - For Cars
Debit Square - For Gardens
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-- Activation
-- Backing Up the Program data
-- Move Program to New Computer
-- Report Printing too many columns
-- Show Results - Points - Best Judges
-- Vehicle Operational & Maintenance costs
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Backing up the program data on your computer. 

Although this illustration is for Debit Square - for Pets - all products in the Debit Square series ( Debit Square - For Children, Debit Square - For Gardens and Debit Square - For Cars ) all use the same approach.

A - Backup the entire directory "including all subdirectories" where you installed the program. 

     If you are using our Current version - Debit Square - For Pets- then typically, this directory would be
           "C:\Program Files\Debit Square - For Pets"

     If you are using our previous version - Pet Tracks by Auburn Software- then typically, this directory would be
           "C:\Program Files\Pet Tracks"

      B - Also back up all the files that begin with AubSW_ that are located in your windows directory - typically C:\Windows

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