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July 4, 2020

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Debit Square is our series of tracking software

Debit Square - For Pets
Debit Square - For Children
Debit Square - For Cars
Debit Square - For Gardens
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Activation of the Product 

Although this illustration is for Debit Square - for Pets - all products in the Debit Square series ( Debit Square - For Children, Debit Square - For Gardens and Debit Square - For Cars ) all use the same approach.

After installation, activation of the product is required within 14 days for it to continue to function.

Go to our web page for activation -

Debit Square - for Pets -
Debit Square - for Children -
Debit Square - for Gardens -
Debit Square - for Cars -

You'll need 3 things -

1. Serial Number

You'll need to enter the product serial number - this will have been provided to you with your purchase or is located on a sticker on the installation CD.

2. Serial Code

You'll need to enter the product serial code - this will have been provided to you with your purchase or is located on the sticker on the installation CD. (Note if your purchase was prior to March or April 2005 your serial code may be your original purchase email - see your purchase information).

3. Your Code

This is in your registration screen in the program under the heading "Your Code" ( it will be something like 05358F )

All 3 of these items should be entered into the web page shown above. You will then be provided an Activation Code that you can copy and paste into your registration screen. Registration is then complete. Note that entries on the web page should be exactly as shown in your purchase information (for downloads) or on the sticker on the back of your CD case.

After entering in your Activation Code - you will receive a message 'Registration Complete'.

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