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July 4, 2020

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Debit Square is our series of tracking software

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Printing when the report has too many columns

Although this illustration is for Debit Square - for Pets - all products in the Debit Square series ( Debit Square - For Children, Debit Square - For Gardens and Debit Square - For Cars ) all use the same approach.

In printing from an on screen report, if you pick too many fields you may find that columns are truncated (cut off) when you print. There are several things you can do for this.

1. Try printing in landscape mode.

2. Reduce then number of field selections and print in a two step process. 

First print page one with say the ID field and 2 or 3 other fields. Then, repeat the process with the ID field again and then 2 or 3 other fields.

3. You can copy and paste the report into Microsoft Excel or Word for further processing.

Position the cursor in the report and do a Control-A to select the entire report. Now do Control - C to copy it. Just paste it into excel. From there you can size it and format how it prints out.

4. You can open the report in another program (like Microsoft Word) by first running the report in Debit Square - for Pets and then opening the file

c:\Program Files\Debit Square - for Pets \System\Debit Square - for Pets.htm

in Word or any program that reads html content.

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