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Tracking Vehicle Operational Cost and how many can be tracked.

Although this illustration is for Debit Square - for Cars - all products in the Debit Square series ( Debit Square - For Children, Debit Square - For Gardens and Debit Square - For Pets ) can use a similar approach.

This is from a potential customer's inquiry - Can I track the cost of operation and maintenance on each vehicle in my fleet and how many vehicles will it track?

You could have one activity called "Operation Cost" and another activity called "Maintenance". Each car will then have it's own "Operation Cost" and "Maintenance" activity records.

You would select "Car A" and then enter operational cost as they occur. Now switch to "Car B" and enter that car's operational costs. Do the same with maintenance. It's really easy.

It won't total it for you - we'll have that at some point, but you can print a report (or just view it) that list those operational and maintenance cost for one car or multiple cars. You can choose which cars to view a report on and what activities (Operation costs and Maintenance in this example) to report on too.

Furthermore, you could break "Operation Cost" into 2 or more activities. So instead of using "Operation Cost" you could have "Op Cost - Fuel" and "Op Cost - Ins" for example. Same with maintenance - you could break it down into multiple activities too. You decide - that's what's so neat about the software.

As far as how many cars - there is a theoretical limit of several million so there really wouldn't be an issue there I wouldn't think. You need some numbering or naming system to identify each car. Probably you already have some special number or name for the cars now (like the VIN or stock number - something like that).

Probably though, if you had a lot of cars you'd want to explore the advanced features of "Car Sets" to help manage them. In using "Car Sets" if you were a car dealer and had new and used cars, you would say have a "Car Set" of "Used Cars" and another "Car Set" of "New Cars". Alternately, if you leased vehicles, maybe you'd have a car set of "Leased Cars" and another of "Leased Trucks". It just kind of depends on what you have - from that you just set up Debit Square - for Cars to your circumstance.


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