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Show Results - Points - Best Judges

Although this illustration is for Debit Square - for Pets - all products in the Debit Square series ( Debit Square - For Children, Debit Square - For Gardens and Debit Square - For Cars ) can use a similar approach.

This is from a potential customer's inquiry - Can you use this software to record, compare, and put into a report show results, best judges, points acquired etc.?

For the show, you could put in all the animals in the show into the program as 'Pets'. Then, you would make an activity called "Show Results" and then for each 'Pet' or animal in the show, you could enter in the results as they happened or after the show - whenever you wanted. You could then run a report on 'all pets' and just the activity "Show Results" and it would give you the results in a report (that you could print).

You could do the same thing for points acquired - just make an activity "Points Acq" and do the same as above, except when you run the report, instead of doing it just on the one activity, run it on the "Show Results" activity 'and' the "Points Acq" activity. (Or, just on one at a time - that's up to you).

Now, 'best judges' - I don't know what that means. If it's like the Points Acquired and the Show Results, then maybe you're saying that all Pets would have Show Results and all pets would have Points acquired while the 'best judges' maybe only 10 of the 100 pets (in the show) will get best judges. If so, that's fine, when you run the report if it's just on the activity "Best Judges" and on 'all pets' then only the pets that have "Best Judges" entries will show up. (You could also run it on all 3 activities and the report would show two entries on some pets and three entries on others)

Another thing is that you could have an activity called "Owners Name" and then have that information in there so it printed with the reports. Again, just report on all 4 activities then.

Now, if 'best judges' means something else, then this might be something for a "Master Activity". That would be the case if the best judges doesn't apply to a particular pet, but to the whole show in using your example. Examples of 'Master Activity' items would be like - Electricians - Advertising - Printing Co.

I think this would take care of your situation if I understand it correctly.

A point though that might be an issue for you that I'll point out - the reporting comes out in the order of the 'Pet's' name. Therefore, you couldn't sort by Points Acquired, etc. What would be shown in the report would be sorted by the pet's name with activity information (if there is any) after it. I don't know if that's really an issue. I think the way it comes out by listing one Pet and then all activities that relate to that one pet and then the next pet and so on would work fine for you.

Some other features that might benefit you are one - for what you are doing using multiple 'Pet Sets' would be ideal I think. You could have a different 'Pet Set' for each show. However, if you had a lot of the same entries over and over, then maybe you'd just use one 'Pet Set' and then report based on a date range instead. That would save you some set up time for each show. It's really up to you.
The reporting has a lot of options such as adding header's like "Rose's Dog Show" and footers like "Next show in December" - things like that. You could also turn off some of the headings and then copy the report into excel for sorting or further work.

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