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August 12, 2020

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Debit Square - For Pets
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Debit Square - For Pets - Update Additional Information

Additional Update Information  - Version 1.07

  • Product name change to Debit Square - For Pets from Auburn Software's Pet Tracks 

Additional Update Information  - Version 1.04

  • None
Additional Update Information  - Version 1.02

 Details Features

  • Starting to type in a drop down list (Pets, Activities, etc) will now try to locate the Pet, Activity, etc from the list. (Saves time on scrolling through the list)
  • In the Reporting, the Activities will now display with the most recently dated items showing first.
  • Nickname has become Pet Name in most cases.
  • You can now make a previously entered date be blank (rather than being required to enter a date).
  • Additional types of images may now be used when adding a picture to your pet.

Operational Changes

  • User 5 was not showing up in the reporting screen as being available. This will now display as an option.
  • Fixed an error (Run time 13) which occurred when something was typed into the Pet Name dropdown box when there weren’t any pets (This occurred when starting a new Pet Set and did not occur after at least one pet had been added).
  • Potential issue in the reporting if you had over 30,000 Pets was corrected.  

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