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Debit Square is our series of tracking software

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About Us
Debit Square - For Cars - A program for tracking your cars and trucks

Debit Square - For Cars
Allows you to track all kinds of information on your cars and trucks - or other vehicles such as tractors, trailers, motorcycles, fleet vehicles - you name it - Debit Square - For Cars will track it! Create your own activities (things to track)! Add as many as you need.

Debit Square - For Cars - click for a larger display

Debit Square - For Cars - Main Screen  - click  for a larger display Almost limitless number of vehicles as well as activities. Each vehicle has its own set of activity records
- Debit Square - For Cars - is very customizable and flexible. You are in charge! Isn't that the way it should be?
- Sophisticated reporting on Car Items, Activities and Master Lists. Choose the items - including the car image - you want to show in your reports. Search Debit Square - For Cars
- Generate simple invoices or summaries from your activities and customize reports to include your name or company name as well as other messages.
- Great Search ability. Find information you've entered easily and quickly!
Copy Vehicles - great for duplicating cars such as fleet vehicles. Save on input time.

The amount of organized information, specific detail and all the history you can keep is incredible!!

You'll thank yourself later for buying Debit Square - For Cars the next time you need to look something up about your vehicle!

Here it is! Debit Square - For Cars!

Great for Mechanics, Fleet Owners, Car Collectors, Dealers and your own personal vehicles!


Keep information on all kinds of things  - purchase and sale information, repair history, document damage as it occurs, oil changes, tire rotations - whatever you want. Just add, delete and/or modify activities (things to track) as needed.
Don't be stuck with a program that doesn't allow you flexibility! Debit Square - For Cars - gives you a lot of control in how to set up and use the program. Our users agree - it's great!!!

Debit Square - For Cars - All screens open for illustration  - click  for a larger display

Click Image for larger view
(Image has most screens opened for illustrative purposes)

-- You won't believe the features and customizable options.

Purchase Program - Download version $14.95
To purchase send your payment via PayPal to along with info on the product you are ordering.

Debit Square - For Cars - A program for tracking your cars and trucks

Your system should have all the most recent service packs prior to installing. Runs on Windows 7, Vista (see installation note), Windows XP, Windows 2000 and Windows 98.
Debit Square - For Cars - is designed for 800 x 600 or higher screen display. (The above image shows the program in 2048 x 768 resolution for demonstration purposes).
Requires Microsoft Internet Explorer version 5.5 or above for reporting functions - most newer systems have at least this version 
Adobe Acrobat needed for help files.

Winzip needed to unzip program files for installation. (download version only)

Conditions of use - You should make sure you have a backup of your programs and data before installing this or any program. Auburn Software Company, Inc. liability limited to maximum of the cost you pay for the program. See end user license for more information.

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