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Debit Square - For Cars - A program for tracking your cars and trucks

Frequently Asked Questions 

I only have a few Vehicles - is it something I can really use? Debit Square - For Cars - Main Screen - click for a larger display
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     Certainly. Track where your vehicles came from as well as when, the costs, when you last changed the oil - keep a detailed history of repairs  - you decide what you'd like to track! Track not just your vehicle - track your mower, tractor, generator too! Also, use it for trucks, semi-trucks, motorcycles, fleet vehicles  - you name it - Debit Square - For Cars - will track it!
repair work, washings, things that you've added to the vehicle such as stereos, new paint - the list is endless.. Information will be stored for years - there is the real value in the program - the history you will have at your fingertips.

I run a small vehicle sales office. How can the program help me?
     You can keep track of the vehicles you buy and sell as well as improvements that you have done as well. Later, even after the sale you'll be able to look back at any of the history on that vehicle as needed. The information is at your fingertips.
    Using the advanced functions you could also make multiple Car Sets (Multiple files each containing a collection of Car Items). You might use this for example if you had two locations or perhaps you wanted to keep some of your personal vehicles separate from the vehicle sales office vehicles. The flexibility is there for you. That's the point.
I'm a mechanic - can I use it to generate an invoice? (This also applies to lots of similar situations)
    Yes. Simple invoices can be generated by creating an activity such as "Work Done". Then enter your work as one or more entries. Then just report on your customer's vehicle and the activity "Work Done". Select the dates to report on as either just today or over several days if that's how you've made your entries. Add a total line and include html code if you'd like. You can also add your own heading and footings like "Roger's Repair" and "Thanks for your business".  You can of course add other activities such as "Work-Labor", "Work-Parts" etc as needed. While this example is for a mechanic, it could also be used to generate an invoice for fleet rentals or for sale.
What about scheduling things like oil changes? Can I do that?
      Yes, in addition to tracking the history you can also set up future things to watch for such as Oil Changes or Tire Rotations or whatever you'd like to watch in the future. Set up an activity called "Future-Oil Chg" and then choose a vehicle. Enter in a date in the future that you want to have the oil changed. Then on a regular basis run a report on the activity "Future-Oil Chg" and all vehicles and select a date range of say 15 days from today (or 45 days or the month of May - you decide). If any vehicles fall in that range they will show up on that report. Add additional activities and report on all of them at once. This functionality can be used for a variety of similar circumstances.
I don't understand the relationship of Activities and Car Items.
    Each Car Item has their own set of activities. Let's say that you have defined 3 Activities - Oil Changes, Repairs and Waxing. Let's also say you have 2 Car Items - a Chevy S10 and a Lincoln. In this case, then the Chevy S10 has its own set of the 3 activities (Oil Changes, Repairs and Waxing) and the Lincoln has its own set of the 3 activities (Oil Changes, Repairs and Waxing). When you enter information in the Repairs activity for example, you are either entering it for either the Chevy S10 or the Lincoln. If the currently selected Car Item was the Chevy S10 and the activity selected was Oil Changes, then it would show all of the Oil Changes for Chevy S10. Now switch to the Lincoln and choose Oil Changes to see all the Oil Changes for the Lincoln. In either case if you want to add information, just make a new entry. It's very simple
Oh, my - won't this require a lot of space?
     Space is determined by the amount of information you use, but after the initial installation (about 20 megabytes) incremental size requirements are very small. A typical Car Set of 10-15 Car Items might be 1 to 2 megabytes.
How are the Master List items different from the Car Activities? They seem similar and I have trouble distinguishing between the two.

     Master List items relate to the current Car Set and not to any particular Car Item. They belong to all Car Items in that Car Set. By contrast Car Activities belong to a particular Car Item.
     Let's say that you have a Master List Item called Internet Links. In this list, you have the name of several web sites - ( GM, Ford, Bob's Repairs, etc). Since this is a Master List item it doesn't matter which Car Item is the current one, the Internet Links always show the same web sites.
     Let's say you also had a Car Activity named Internet Links. In this one, you would have the Links for web sites that apply only to the currently selected Car Item - such as a web site that specializes in your Chevrolet.
     In other words - does the information (Internet Links in this case) belong to the whole file (Master List Items) or to individual Car Items (Car Activities). This illustration uses Internet Links, but the same concept could apply to many other situations. Probably you have some special situation yourself. That's what is nice about Debit Square - For Cars - you can customize it to suit your needs.

The picture of the program on the Debit Square - For Cars - main web page shows a lot of screens open. That seems complicated.
     This is just for illustrative purposes. The picture on our web page and in the manual just shows most of the screens of the program open at once. Normally, you'll just have one or two screens open at a time.
    Debit Square - For Cars - is ready for you. Are you ready?
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